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ACD Impact Report 

Our first ACD Impact Report  

We are facing an entanglement of challenges globally: the climate emergency; biodiversity loss; growing inequality, and crises in social justice and social care systems, to name just a few. Our world is at a crossroads and ready for radical change - through the practice of co-design, ACD is committed to helping people reimagine and reshape their neighbourhoods together, thus addressing these challenges and building better futures for all. 

This document demonstrates the diversity of ways that the ACD has worked to address those challenges. Whatever the type or scale of our activities, we place people and nature at the centre. 

In devising the Impact Report 2023, we have reflected on the value of the ACD to date and recognise the crucial stage we are at - exploring what the next steps might be as an organisation. To achieve transformative change, we must remain a constantly evolving force for good. 

Editorial Team: Kara de los Reyes 

Graphic Team: Savannah Vize

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