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ACD Journal 1

We are excited to launch the ACD's first journal! 

Our team have developed a fantastic 55-page journal with articles from all over the globe on collaborative design across the built environment. As such, our first journal is a celebration of what members of our community have generously shared over the past year.  The content reflects the activities we have undertaken and the different voices, cultures and practices that have been present and have enriched us all. 

It is tremendously heartening that the ACD’s mission chimes with so many people interested in co-design from all walks of life.

Inside, you will find articles that draw upon the ACD’s Co-design: International Voices conference, our regular thematic Conversation Labs, practitioner talks, responses to policy consultations and worldwide practice.


Five themes emerged in the editing process, which we have highlighted throughout this first issue: Digital, Policy, Practice, Inclusion and International. At this point, we invite you to scour every page linearly or dip in and out.

Editorial Team: Dr Jo Morrison, Alex Brooks, Dr May Newisar, Marisa Harlington

Published March 2023

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