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We are exploring researching different aspects of codesign, participatory process and collaborative engagement.

Engagement Overlay to the RIBA Plan of Work

ACD in partnership with  RIBA, and Sustrans, release Landmark Guide to  Nurture Thriving Places by Elevating Engagement Standards.

Delivering the nation's ambition for a resilient and adaptable future requires built environment professionals to understand stakeholder engagement as a crucial driver of place-based innovation and value. The Engagement Overlay responds to this ambition by elevating the voices and contributions of people with lived experience.  It provides a framework and considers stakeholders' perspectives at every RIBA Plan of Work stage.


Recognising the urgent need for this industry-coordinated resource, The Association of Collaborative Design CIC (ACD), collaborating with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Sustrans, has worked since 2020 with over 32 organisations to deliver this highly anticipated overlay.


The Engagement Overlay offers expert guidance for built environment professionals who want to expand their knowledge and skills for meaningful stakeholder engagement. It aims to refine skill sets, provide confidence in built environment professionals aligning with UNSGDs and national policies, and clarify engagement processes to unlock valuable local knowledge. In turn, it can effectively mitigate planning risk, concurrently elevate the overall quality of stakeholder engagement, and build the capacity for meaningful public participation in the creative process.


The Engagement Overlay is a ground-breaking resource set to reshape the built environment sector. By comprehensively embracing meaningful stakeholder engagement, professionals will foster greater trust, accountability, and transparency, thus cultivating long-term place-based impact and creating thriving and resilient places. 


Engagement Overlay to the RIBA Plan of Work here.                         Download Short Visual Overlay     

RIBA PoW_Engagement Overlay_V6_Image Credit Savannah Vize Association of Collaborative Des
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