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ACD is Recruiting!

The Association of Collaborative Design (ACD) is growing its team! This expansion will enable us to devise more strategic responses to these needs in our ongoing initiatives.

ACD brings people together through a shared passion for co-design and participatory engagement. We grow and support a network of built environment professionals and academics and provide resources, research, and a platform for knowledge-sharing.

We are actively seeking a Director (on a voluntary basis) to join our team. This role is presently on a voluntary basis. In alignment with our strategic objectives, the emphasis of this position will be on expanding funding opportunities, supporting and helping deliver ACD short-, medium-, and long-term impact, assisting in events planning, and enabling us to allocate resources towards compensating team members for their time and efforts.

More information about ACD here: ACD Impact Report and About ACD and the Team

Location: Global

Timezone: GMT London All team meetings are online, twice a month 12pm to 1pm GMT London

Time commitment: Voluntary time approximately 8 to 10 hours a month or 1.5 day a month spread out across the month

Closing date: 10th November 2023 Interviews: Late November 2023

Start date: January 2024


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