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Language in the City: Re-imagining Cities through the Lens of Language

As part of the UN World Urban Campaign, our Urban Thinkers Campus events focus on "language" - reintegrating this into the design process.

Cities play a fundamental role in enabling exchange and interaction, not only of goods and services but people and narratives. Reimagining cities through the lens of language, through a series of global online events, we will be creating a space for emergent conversation and action, exploring how the urban landscape creates opportunities to reform cities into spaces that promote verbal and non-verbal engagement.

We are thrilled to have launched this series with a very well-attended, successful event with a fantastic set of speakers: Rosanna Vitiello, Marcus Willcocks and Taryn Sabia. A BIG THANK YOU to them, the attendees and to all our partners: Community Design Agency (India), The Bio-leadership Project (UK/Spain), The Landscape Institute (UK) and the AIA Centre for Communities by Design (USA).

Language, in its varying forms, can express thoughts and ideas simultaneously and cities are spaces where people naturally interact through work, leisure, travel and play. Join us as we continue on a journey of participation and learning where together we will unpick and redefine ideas around inclusive, shared and regenerative cities, encourage people to engage in their landscape of language and make sense of cities through a shared vocabulary that brings meaning and identity to places.

The Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) is an initiative of the World Urban Campaign driven by UN-Habitat. The UTC is conceived as an open space for critical exchange and is intended as a platform to build consensus between partners engaged in addressing urbanisation challenges and proposing solutions to urban futures.

Here is some excellent artwork on the launch event from Amy Wilson (The Bio-Leadership Project,, who has kindly permitted us to share.

We will be sharing a recording of the event soon.


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