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Missed our conference? You can watch it anytime on our utube channel!

At end of November 2020 we ran our first conference. We brought together people from around the world to share and learn more about collaborative approaches to design.

It was an inspiring day which focussed on three international speakers from New Zealand, the USA, Spain and the UK, who presented co-design case studies in breakfast, midday and afternoon sessions.

Our goal was for the conference to be interactive - in the spirit of collaborative design we wanted to hear as many voices as possible. This virtual, online gathering used a Miro whiteboard to capture thoughts from the presentations. It was wonderful seeing numerous cursors moving around a board and adding thoughts and questions as we explored ideas together. We also used the board to share some fun breakout activities people got stuck into.

One of ambitions is to share best practice and to forge new connections around common goals and we really felt that this conference achieved that. We have recorded all the presentations and they are available on our utube channel. Please do take a look!


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