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The Planning White Paper - ACD response

There has been much to discuss and get to the bottom of with the Government's Planning White Paper.

The team at ACD spent quite a bit of time over August, September and October digging into the White Paper, talking to other organisations and people about our concerns and hopes. We joined a number of online round tables and read some excellent and thought provoking articles and responses from organisations such as the TCPA and CSE.

Our team have submitted a response to the consultation on the White Paper, which reflects our emphasis on a collaborative approach to design and participatory and democratic decision making.

The response is organised under six headings that draws on our key areas of expertise and focus as an organisation:

1. Building Public trust in, and capacity to engage with, the Planning System

2. Early (and ongoing) Engagement

3. Speed versus Democracy

4. Raising Design Standards

5. Use of Digital Technology

6. Neighbourhood Planning

Our full response is below.

ACD FINAL Response to the Planning White
Download • 181KB



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