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We have launched ACD UK!

ACD Launch Webinar 17th June, 2020

We are so pleased that around 50 people attended our launch webinar for the ACD! Thanks to those who contributed to a fast-paced and dynamic hour long session. Read on for more information about key points raised and for links to further information.

The launch session was just a starter for the ACD. We are keen to make sure that we move the debate forward. 

Sign up for our newsletter, by emailing to find out more about what comes next. The aim in the short term is to set up a series of webinars alongside of a series of ‘in conversation’ networking circles. 

Key points raised at the launch session:

  • Role of the ACD: Is there some benefit in linking with other already established collaborative groups - so we join forces? What is the gap / different approach that ACD will bring?

  • Role of the facilitator: benefits of independent facilitator discussed (and challenged!)

  • Sustainability: The need to align collaborative design with sustainability/climate change targets.

  • Statutory Requirement: Is there any value in lobbying statutory requirement for collaborative design? Currently only ‘strongly encouraged’.

  • Addressing Biases: How community engagement helps us address our own biases, particularly given the lack of diverse representation in the built environment professions (I know the professions are working on this but it will take time).

  • Diversity: Importance of listening to diverse voices, not just professionals talking to other professionals.

  • Start early: truly collaborative design needs to start right at the outset way before there is a design developing

  • Value / Benefit: The role of the ‘client’ / funder and how to demonstrate value / benefit of collaborative approach.

We look forward to developing the ACD together with you. Below is a copy of the presentation:

ACD UK_Presentation_17 June
Download PDF • 1.60MB

See below for more information and links to points raised at the launch session.

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Play and Co-Design

PHD research paper by Dr Kate Langham:  Play as a Design Tool: Co-designing shared community space Our history is in outdoor theatre but more recently have been facilitating community engagement and consultation in built environment, health and arts. Giving the right invitation to participate, removing barriers to participation and creatively engaging people so they can explore ideas individually and collectively can uncover surprising things in built environment planning.

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Environmental education - Children and Young People

Civic placemaking education for all children and young people is important and there is has been great work done on this through Generation Place project / architecture centres:

PlaceEd are great at engaging with children in the design of their high streets and communities

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Webinars & Other Resources

Examples of positive collaborative design approaches

Books of interest


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